Looking for a practical, carefree medical ID alternative? Silicone Medical Alert Bracelets are ideal for Silicone Medical Alert Braceletsthe busy lifestyles of modern women.

There are plenty of options for high-end, attractive medical alert jewelry for women. But for today’s woman, practical is as important as pretty.

You may be happy to invest in one or two fancy-jewelry pieces for special occasions, but for your everyday needs, medical alert bracelets provide a user-friendly, economical option.

Here are ten of the top reasons women choose silicone medical alert bracelets:

  • Silicone Medical Alert Bracelets are 100% hypoallergenic silicone with no metal parts to irritate sensitive skin.
  • You can wear this comfortable medical alert bracelet 27/7 for full-time protection. There’s no need to remove it for sleeping, bathing, or engaging in any work or play activities.
  • These bands are made of the same material as the new, non-stick flexible bake ware and utensils. This makes them fully waterproof and impervious to dirt, grease, and stains. Any bit of grime that does cling can be easily washed off.
  • Silicone Medical Alert Bracelets provide a discreet way to carry your medical ID on your person. Many women appreciate the fact that they look like those familiar “support your cause” wristbands.
  • They are so feather-light and non-restrictive that you won’t even notice you’re wearing medical ID.
  • There are no metal parts to catch on hair and clothing or to create interference during medical procedures.
  • Since these bands are entirely soft and flexible, they don’t need to be removed or taped in place during team sports to prevent injury to others. Mothers and caretakers of young children particularly appreciate having medical alert ID that can’t accidentally hurt tender skin.
  • Silicone Medical Alert Bracelets are personalized to include the contact information and medical data of your choice.

In a nutshell: medical alert bracelets make it easy for busy mothers and all other women who live active lives to combine safety with carefree comfort. Probably you are aware that health care providers strongly recommend that people with serious health conditions carry medical alert ID at all times. This simple precaution helps ensure that care can be readily obtained in emergency situations.

Any decent medical alert jewelry can provide this protection, but it only works if you wear it all the time. Why do so many of us neglect this important safety measure? Well, let’s see…do any of these excuses reasons ring a bell?

  • I take it off to shower/sleep/wash dishes/swim (etc.), but half the time I don’t remember to put it back on.
  • The metal irritates my skin.
  • Medical alert jewelry is costly, especially if you’re like me and break or lose it on a regular basis.
  • It constantly catches on things, tangles in my hair, snags my stockings, plus I’m always worried about accidentally scratching my baby.
  • It makes me feel self-conscious, like I’m identified by my medical condition. When I was on jury-duty, the pendant set off the metal detector every time I went in. It was embarrassing.
  • My bracelet gets grimy and nasty-looking when I do everyday activities: cleaning up after the kids, gardening, filling the tank with gas, cooking, grooming my pet, painting, (insert your messy activity here). It takes time and effort to keep it looking clean.

Happily, busy women (like you) can avoid inconveniences like these by choosing medical alert bracelets. They are so handy, inexpensive and comfortable, you’ll find it easy to comply with “doctor’s orders” to carry medical data at all times.