(In Case of Emergency)

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Personalized 100% Silicone Wristbands

 To let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them!

Engraved with your Name and Emergency Contact Number

Great for all ages (Parents, Children, Family Members & Friends) when:

            * Running             * Swimming              * Skiing

            * Walking             * Boating                   * Skateboarding  

            * Biking                * Traveling                * At the Gym

            * Hiking                * Climbing                 * Walking your dog

See video on KATU AM Northwest... click here

Also seen in Diabetes Health Magazine... click here

For I.C.E. Bands 1-minute video
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Also can include any Medical Information, as needed:

Diabetes, Allergies, Autism, Seizures, Alzheimer's, Heart, Non-verbal, etc.

The purpose of the I.C.E. Band is "Peace of Mind" for the people who care about you,
and the people you care about...

Sizes:  7" = Youth and small framed adults     8" = Adult regular

Available in 11 colors... see ICE BANDS Options page

Black, White, Red, Light Blue, Orange, Green, Pink,
Blue, Purple, Teal, and Lavender

Letters and numbers are the same colors as the bands

$7.00 each or $6.00 for 3 or more
(including shipping & handling in the U.S.)

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